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Ronald L. Steenerson

1.  Name: Ronald Leif Steenerson
2.  Business Address: 980 Johnson Ferry Road,  N.E.  Suite 470,  
Atlanta, GA 30342
4.  Date of  Birth: May 11th, 1938
5.  Place of  Birth: Indianapolis,  Indiana

1.  High School: Angola High School
Angola, Indiana  1956
2.  University: Purdue University  1960
3. Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
4.  Internship: Orange County General Hospital
Orange, CA     July 1964-June 1965
5.  Residencies: Wadsworth Veterans Administration Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
January 1968-December 1972  One Year of General Surgery and
three years of Otolaryngology 1972
6.  Fellowships: Otology--Michael Glasscock, M.D., 
1811 State Street,   Nashville,  TN.,   July 1977-July 1978
7.  Licensure: Indiana,  California,  Tennessee,  and Georgia
8.  Board of Certification: American Board of Otolarngology  1972

1.  Military Service: Captain,  U.S. Air Force,  July 1965-December 1967
Flight Surgeon
2.  Other Significant Employment: Private Practice in Otolaryngology,  Beverly Hills, CA.
January 1972-June 1976  Consulting Otolaryngologist,
Santa Fe Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles,  CA  1974-1976
Private Practice in Otolaryngology, Bakersfield, CA   1976-1977
Private Practice,  Otology and Neuro-otology,  Bakersfield, CA
August 1978-August 1984
Private Practice,  Colorado Ear Clinic,  Denver, CO 
September 1984- December 1986
December 1986-March 1987 Setting up practice in Atlanta, GA
Private Practice in Otology and Neuro-otology, Atlanta, GA
March 1987 to Present

1.  Local: Atlanta Medical Association,  Greater Atlanta Society of
2.  State:   Medical Association of Georgia
3.  National: American Medical Association   Ossicular Hookers of America

1.  Children's Medical Service of Georgia "Cleft Palate Service"

1.  Area of Research Interest: Vertigo,  Tinnitus,  Cochlear Implants
2.  Research Now in Progress: Surgical Dimensions of the Cochlea ,  Single Treatment Maneuvers for Positional Vertigo,  Tinnitus
1. "A History of Acoustic Tumor Surgery:  1961-Present",  Acoustic Tumors,  Vol. 1;   Diagnosis,  University Park Press,  Ronald L. Steenerson, M.D.
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3. "Symposium:  Otologic Surgery Reassessment after 25 Years.  The Current Status of Tympanoplasty",
Laryngoscope,    Vol.  LXXXIX,  No. 5,  pp.   716-724.  May 1979.  Michael F. Glasscock,  III,  F.A.C.S.,   C. Gary  Jackson, M.D.,  and Ronald L. Steenerson, M.D.
4. "Selective Section of Vestibular Nerve",  Controversies on Otolaryngology,   James B. Snow, Jr., M.D.,
Michael F. Glasscock , III, M.D.,  and Ronald Steenerson, M.D.
5. "Technique for Closure of the Floor of the Mouth in Monoblock Resection ",  Archives of Otolatyngology,
January 1975,  Vol.  101,  p 50,  Richard Thomas Barton, M.D.,   and Ronald Steenerson, M.D.
6. "Tracheal Compression Secondary to Unusual Mediastinal Tumor",  (Read at the Southern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons,  January 1976),  Laryngoscope,   Ronald L. Steenerson, M.D.
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10. "Giant Cholesteral Granuloma of the Petrous Apex",  Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, accepted for publication 1986,  Charles Siebert,  James Driesbach,   Gary Vanderark,  Stan Smazal and Ronald L. Steenerson, M.D.
11. "Bilateral Facial Paralysis",  American Journal of Otology,  March 1986,  Vol. 7,   pp 99, 
Ronald L. Steenerson, M.D.
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13. "Hydrocephalus in the Patient with Acoustic Neuroma"
14. "A Systemic Approach to Electrode Insertion in the Ossified Cochlea",  T.A. Balkany, M.D., B.J. Gantz, M.D.,  R. L. Steenerson, M.D.
15. "Comparison of Canalith Repositioning Procedure and Vestibular Habituation Training in Patients with Benign Positional Vertigo", Otolaryn, Head and Neck Surq, R.L. Steenerson, M.D., G.W. Cronin, MHE, OTR. 114: 61-64.
16. "Comparison of Scala Vestibuli and Scala Tympani Measurements", Archives of Otolaryngology, October 1995, A.J. Gulya, M.D., R.L. Steenerson, M.D.
17. "Electrical Stimulation in the Treatment of Tinnitus", Transactions of Fifth International Symposium on Tinnitus, Portland, OR, July 12-16, 1995, R.L. Steenerson, M.D., G.W. Cronin, MHE, OTR.



Three Day Course at Colorado Otologic
Research Center, "Skull Base Surgery",
July 19-22, 1984, 1985, 1986.


INSTRUCTOR: "Temporal Bone Dissection Course",
E.A.R. Foundation, Nashville,
Tennessee, July 14-17, 1981 and
March 1-4, 1987.


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D. Georgia Society' of Otolaryngology Annual meeting, November 1988, "Cochlear Implants".
E. Georgia Association for Medical Transcription Third Annual State Convention, 1989, "Cochlear Implants".
F. Panelist, "Surgery of Endolymphatic Hydrops" at International Symposium on the Inner Ear, August 1987.
G. Atlanta Cochlear Implant Group Symposium on "Cochlear Implants", October 1988 and June 1989.
H. Kiwanis Annual Georgia State Meeting for Pare4ts of Handicapped Children. Topic - "Cochlear Implants".
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J. Joint Meeting - GAAS and Greater Atlanta Otolaryngologic Society, "Cochlear Implants in Children", February 1990.
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June 7, 1994
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