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Atlanta Ear Clinic established in 1987, offers treatment for diseases and surgery of the ear. Our doctor is fellowship trained in otology and neurotology. The Atlanta Ear Clinic offers vestibular rehabilitation for vertigo, positional vertigo and disequilibrium of aging.

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Bellís palsy; facial nerve paralysis; facial nerve dysfunction; facial nerve therapy; facial nerve testing; neuromuscular facial retraining; acoustic neuroma; facial schwannoma; Ramsey Hunt syndrome; synkinesis; hyperkinesias; hemi-facial spasm

Vertigo; vestibular disorders; Meniereís disease; ototoxicity; mal de Debarquement; endolymphatic hydrops; BPPV; positional vertigo; imbalance; disequilibrium; Vestibular neuritis; acoustic neuroma; central vertigo; VNG; VEMP; migraine associated vertigo